Pocket Doodles For Princesses

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Doodling for Enchanted Princesses!

Pocketdoodles for Princesses offers a treasure chest of doodling prompts for every girl who considers herself royalty! Here she can create many magical kingdoms and become any princess she wants to be, from a mermaid in the deep blue sea to an exotic Arabian princess; because fantasy and make believe is where every little girl and princess loves to dwell.

This adorable children's activity book is filled with creative prompts that encourage girls to name their enchanted kingdom, decide on their princess name, draw their castle or cottage for all seasons, and much more!

Writing prompts are accompanied by charming and imaginative illustrations drawn by Jennifer Kalis that also help set the stage for a young princess's doodles and drawings. Girls will love this small pocketbook that is just the right size to tote around to grandma's house, the babysitter, or wherever!

Doodling Prompts Include:

  • What does your summer castle look like and where is it located?
  • Pirate Princess. Design a cute sailing outfit.
  • A gypsy fortune teller just read your palm. What did she tell you?
  • Princess Daydreams. Where does your imagination take you?
  • Decorate your dream princess bedroom.
  • Super Princess! What are your special powers?
  • Princess Dreams—what's the best one you've ever had?