Clean It! Cleaning Stone

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 Do that tough abrasive cleaning with a fresh smelling cleanser that is  gentle on you….and gentle on the environment! Use on Glass Cook Stove-Tops, Counter Tops, Tile, Grout,Stainless Sinks  Copper/Stainless Steel Pots and Pans, Granite, Acrylic, Water Stains,  Bathtubs, Glass Shower Doors, Lather, Running Shoes. Pool Liners, Boats,  Car Rims, etc. Even can clean bugs from Your Car Windshield. 100% biodegradable according to European Test 302B! Natural Cleaning Stone.  Non-toxic Non-Perfume. Caution: THIS IS A NATURAL ABRASIVE CLEANSER THAT CAN SKRATCH!!!! NOT  SUITABLE FOR SOFT VARNISHED, PAINTED, COATED OR SENSITIVE SURFACES! PLEASE TEST ON A HIDDEN AREA FIRST! Made in Europe!
Made in Sweden