Electroclash 16oz Tumbler

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Size: 16 oz.

World-renowned industrial designer, Karim Rashid's Electrocloash  Corkcicle 16 oz. tumbler features vibrant, layered lines and vivid  colors. Corkcicle goes where glass can't! Inside or outside, Corkcicle  is sure to become your favorite daily drinking tumbler! Triple-insulated  stainless steel will keep your drink cold for up to 9 hours, even in  the sun! That's more than twice what you'll get from a plastic tumbler!  Keeps your tea or coffee hot for up to 3 hours too! Includes  shatterproof plastic lid designed to be sipped through and spill  resistant. Easy-grip flat sides and no-slip bottom means this tumbler  will stay where you put it. Built in slider is easy to use and when  closed between sips help the tumbler maintain temperatures.