Habitat Clothes to Live In

The Habitat clothing brand has been a staple to our store for over a decade. Featuring unique fabrics, expressive buttons and classic silhouettes. This brand truly embraces all body types with ease.

Our Favorite Scout Bag Styles

The Bj Bag

This is our top selling style of Scout bag year round. It is a large tote with four exterior pockets, a heavy duty bottom and zip top. The BJ bag is the perfect all around bag. From the beach to a road trip it really can carry it all with ease and comfort.

The Baguette

An employee favorite. This is the perfect everyday bag. From work to the grocery store it does it all with ease then packs up flat. It holds up to 4 full bags of groceries with ease and style!

The Beauty Burrito

This adorable toiletry bag is great for on the go travel or small space living. It unrolls to reveal multi zip pockets perfect for makeup, hair products, jewelry and more. It even has a hook for easy hanging!

Favorite Product: White Mountain Puzzles

Puzzles are still trending as our number one gift in store! Spring is here and so are new puzzle challenges. Shop our made in the USA White Mountain Puzzles below! These puzzles are high quality with large, easy to grab pieces. The perfect gift for anyone and any age.

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